Champions of the Light
James Fox Higgins

Champions of the Light

James Fox Higgins

Welcome to Champions of the Light

In pursuit and defence of the good, the true, and the beautiful. Social network of RationalRise.TV

What is Champions of the Light?

Champions of the Light is a private social network; a home for those who are seeking goodness, beauty, and truth, and who want a wholesome, Christ-centred community in which to celebrate and uplift the rich and beautiful cultural heritage of the European peoples.

We bring together Western Christian families, viewers of Rational Rise TV, and friends to celebrate and explore our shared history and cultures, so that we can strengthen and preserve our Christ-centred civilisation for our posterity.

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By creating an account at Champions of the Light, you are agreeing to abide by our community standards (which will be explained to you upon entry via our Members Guidelines article) and to follow the instruction of the moderators. Failure to do so will see you removed. Questions are welcome if you're unsure. Just talk to the mods.

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